Customized single piston floating caliper was manufactured for compact assembly packaging. Further, it had orientated bleed position which resolved bleeding issues.
CONSTANT REDUCTION GEARBOX Two-stage constant mesh reduction gearbox was used to obtain required torque and speed. On another hand, it also improved vehicle performance, space, and weight.
Firstly, successfully achieved prerequisite vehicle design parameters. Secondly, providing more comfort to the driver due to the better suspension system.
Customized Drivetrain
Used constant Velocity universal coupling with telescopic ball spine and hollow axle.
CAPTAIN's STATEMENT I'm Saurabh Singare, a 4th Year mechanical engineer. I am delighted to get this opportunity to represent and lead The Team Aryans Racing for the year 2021-22. It is truly said that "Every bad situation will have something positive. Even a dead clock shows correct time twice a day". Considering my case itself I have struggled a lot while starting the team, in this severe pandemic I was left only with a single experienced collugue but though the positive side for this was I got an enthusiastic and passionate team that coordinated very well. Starting from zero that too in online mode, it was a tough task but now we have been getting over the things and making our journey more smooth by fighting together with all the difficulties. Hope we will similarly continue to follow our plan and achieve our goal of a podium finish - AIR 1 by working harder and harder and confronting all the issues.
FORMER CAPTAIN's STATEMENT I'm Pradeep Madane, a mechanical engineer. It is my privilege to say that I lead Team Aryans for BAJA Season 2021. I had a team of 20 enthusiastic, Passionate, creative, and hardworking Teammates. As it is well said by Galileo Galileo "You cannot teach a man anything, you can only help him find within himself." and this was the place that helped me to build myself. Being part of the Team Aryans for the past three years, I had learned and experienced things beyond my expectations. I've experienced and learned a lot of technical as well as non-technical skills in this journey. While working in this team, I've got the opportunity to learn and explore various things under one roof. The family that I've made here and the experiences that I had while working will be forever cherished in my memories. BEST LUCK to the Team for future Endeavors !!!
OUR ACHIEVEMENTS This year we Secure the AIR 3 in BAJA SAE 2021 event. We maintained our legacy by adding AIR 3rd in Dynamic and AIR 7th in Static event. Though 2020-2021 was the year of pendamic, we improved ourselves in simulation and presenations.
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